These are a few of our favorite things! Gift Guide 2013!

Our crew is ready for the holidays, and our furry staff members have provided their top picks for Christmas this year!

Lizzi: West Paw Eco Drop Bed


The West Paw Eco Drop is soft, squishy, and the perfect place for a nap on a cold winter day in front of the fireplace! And if there’s one thing Liz loves to do, it’s stay inside and cuddle while it’s cold out!

Rocco: Holiday Buddy Biscuits


Rocco just LOVES these Gingerbread flavored treats by Cloudstar! They’re the same gingerbread men you’re used to all year round, but this special flavor is just available during the holidays! Rocco’s a particularly big fan of the soft & chewy version, but they’re available in the crunchy biscuit and an XXL gingerbread man as well!

Ned: Hear Doggie Squeaker Penguin


Ned loves toys – in every shape and size! He also loves squeakers, but the humans in the house love them slightly less. The coolest part about Hear Doggie Toys are that they’re ultrasonic, so they’re the squeaker that only your dog can hear!

Emma: Chilly Dog Chevron Sweetheart Sweater


Big dogs need sweaters too! Emma knows that Chilly Dog sweaters are not only stylish, but they’re also made with fair trade guidelines AND come in sizes big enough for her deep boxer chest. They’re the best way to keep short-haired dogs (or those that just don’t like the cold) nice and toasty!

Chicken: Bully Horn


Chicken loves to chew, and she’s very good at it! She needs something that’s long lasting and that’s easy on her delicate system. These water buffalo horns fit the bill! Chicken loves them, and your dog will too!

Smokey: Kitty Tank


You guys don’t know our cat (from our house) Smokey, but he’s kind of a big deal. And he likes people to know it. So the toy that fits his personality? The Kitty Tank Playhouse! It’s a wonderful hidey hole for the rough and tough feline in your house! It also comes in a fire truck, a fighter plane, and a pink CAT-illac!

Bertha: Da Bird


You guys know Bertha doesn’t move for much…she rather enjoys her napping. However, as soon as we opened up Da Bird for her, she flipped OUT! Seriously – it’s the only thing she’s into, and boy does she get into it!

The Humans wanted to weigh in too..

Jessica: Dirty Doggie Doormats


We have two, and need a thousand more! These hold SO much grime, it’s incredible! With (too many to count) dogs coming in and out of our house, these are AMAZING at holding in water, mud, and just general junk while still looking totally clean. Best part is – they’re super easy to wash too!

Kyle: Coffee Mug & Coaster Set


Kyle loves to carry around a cup of coffee at all times during the day, so these awesome dog-themed coffee mug and coaster sets are the perfect gift!


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