National Hairball Day!


Happy National Hairball Day! Wait…happy? Hairballs aren’t any fun!

It’s a National Awareness Day to help cat owners learn what they can do the reduce this not-so-fun part of cat cohabitation!

If you have a cat, you know that hairballs are a product of a cat’s basic grooming behavior. While you don’t want to stop their grooming behavior, there are a few things you can do to help reduce a kitty’s hairballs!

-Feed a grain-free food! No only is this much healthier for your cat, but their bodies process grain-free foods easier, leaving less junk in their digestive system.

-Speaking of food – make sure to feed at least some canned or raw food! If they’re on a dry-only diet, they don’t have enough moisture in their bodies, and it’s much more difficult for them to push that big ol’ ball of hair out the other end.

-Add some Omega 3’s! The simple addition of some Omega 3 fatty acids (might we suggest the Alaska Natural’s Fish Oil) will keep their skin and coat in much better health, and help their body’s ability to process the hair it does ingest easier.

-Add a digestive enzyme (we love Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics) to keep their digestive system moving in the right direction (literally and figuratively)!

-Help them groom a bit! Sure, they may spend plenty of time grooming themselves. But just brushing your cat a couple of times a week can help remove fur and dander from their cats, which is less that they will ingest. This is especially important for longer coated cats or during shedding season when the weather begins to warm up.


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