Holiday Gift Guide 2012


For the Active Pups
1. Water Rover
2. West Paw Glow Zisc
3. RC Pet Double Diamond Coat
4. Dogsbars
5. DOOG Walkie Belt


American Made

American Made
1. Charki Puffs
2. Up Country Collars and leads (shown in Seaglass)
3. Planet Dog Orbee
4. Etta Says Freeze Dried Lamb Liver
5. West Paw Hemp Tuckered Out bed



Do(g) Gooder
1. DogsButter – for every jar we sell, a Dogsbar gets donated to Columbia Second chance
2. A Cheerful Pet Ringzee – handmade by Nepali women working to provide for their families
3. Zukes Mini Bakes – a percentage from every purchase goes to the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund
4. West Pet Design Hemp Eco Drop – this cozy bed is stuffed with fiber from 51.5 soda bottles!
5. OoMaLoo propeller – help support the women who make these toys in poor, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Istanbul
6. Lizzi is modeling a 100% wool handknit sweater from Chilly Dog, which only uses fair trade guidelines, plant dyes, and pays employees a fair living wage



Frisky Feline
1. Bergan Star Chaser and Catnip Cyclone
2. Zukes Grain Free G-Zees
3. Cats in the Kitchen “Kitty Gone Wild”
4. Flips eco-friendly cat toys


Green Dogs

Green Dog
1. West Paw Zogoflex Toys
2. Cloudstar Buddy Biscuits
3. Rawsome Beef Treats
4. Molly Mutt Duvet (shown in Nightswimming)
5. Monsterpulls



Kooky Kitties
1. Fun House Mouse toys
2. Dora Pandora Crinkle Catnip Mustache
3. Yeowww! My Cats Balls cat toys
4. Weruva “On the Cat Wok”
5. Molly Mutt Duvet (in Spitting Fire)



Lounge Cat
1. Moda Pet Bowl
2. Cats in the Kitchen “Love me Tender”
3. Yeowww! Catnip Cigar
4. Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain
5. Cat Trapeze



1. Teckelklub PetPod Burrow Tunnel
2. Merrick’s Smothered Comfort
3. West Paw Design Tango
4. Aroo Studio Pac Man Collar
5. Chilly Dog Monkey Sweater



Chicken’s on Santa’s Naughty list.

If she’s lucky, she’ll be getting this Bag of Coal from Loopies, and Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal in her stocking!



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