The Adventures of Jellybean – Bath Day!

Meet our newest foster, Jellybean! He is a sweet poodle mix who’s looking for his forever home through Columbia Second Chance.

Jellybean came to our house over the weekend. He immediately made friends with everyone in our house, and was so well-mannered he got to break the “all fosters must remain crated” rule on his second day.

We took him to the store Saturday for his first adoption event and a bath in our dog wash. He LOVED it. Seriously, the boy loved getting pampered. Most dogs hate baths, or at least tolerate them while shooting daggers at you out of their eyes, but Jellybean was so, so relaxed! Check out this video of him practically falling asleep during his blueberry facial scrub.

And here are a few pictures of the sweet boy, just so we can show him off! If you’d like to meet him (or know someone who would) give us a holler – or 573-875-2288!





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