Marshall the Miracle Dog

Do you know Marshall the Miracle Dog yet? You should get to know him!

Marshall was rescued in September 2010 in response to an animal hoarder whose children wrote to Animal Planet about her problem for their show “Confessions: Animal Hoarding.” Over 60 dogs were found living in an abandoned property in Marshall, Missouri. Marshall being one.

It is impossible to tell if Marshall was one of the dogs she stole from someone’s backyard, which she admitted to doing, or if Marshall was conceived in the pen by some of the other dogs. At the time of the rescue, Marshall was found to be in the worst shape of all. He had been obviously attacked by other dogs, probably over food (or lack thereof), and had bite marks all over his body, a broken front leg, and a hole the size of a tennis ball on the side of his face. Animal Planet called in the help of the Humane Society of Missouri for the rescue efforts, and all dogs were saved, cared for, and eventually adopted to Forever Homes.

After dying on the operating table and being resuscitated by Dr Schwartz and his medical team, they sewed up Marshall’s face but had to amputate his badly infected front leg. They rehabilitated Marshall and two months later he was ready for adoption.

Now, almost two years later, he and his forever mom, Cyndi, are using his story to spread the universal message of acceptance, tolerance, and kindness. He even has a children’s book coming out very soon!

Stay tuned! We’re working on getting Marshall and his momma into L&R soon!


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