New Fosters!

Have you met our newest foster pets yet? If not, now’s your chance!!

First up is Miss Betty. She was in the Slater, MO Animal Shelter for her allotted time when Columbia Second Chance stepped in to save the day. Betty is very sweet, but a little shy at first. Once she warms up, she’s a total goofball too! She loves playing with Emma, Ned, Lizzi & Rocco (the dogs), and she hardly even notices Smokey & Miles (the cats).

If you’re looking for a young, but calm for her age girl who will love you forever, Betty is your gal!!

Next up – kitties Ferrous (the black cat) and Waffles (the tabby)! They’re both four years old, and ADORABLE!

Ferrous is a sweet, talkative boy who wants nothing more than someone to have a conversation with and a warm lap. He is a big cuddler, and wants to help with whatever activity is going on in your house! He is a handsome, black short-haired boy with gorgeous hazel eyes and a slinky frame.

Waffles is a bit like his yummy namesake: soft, squishy and definitely sweet! He’s a bit on the quieter side, but loves sitting in the sun-spot closest to his human. He is very content to watch the birds outside your window all day and sleep on the foot of your bed at night. What really gets this boy’s motor running is FOOD! He would gladly do anything for a treat of any sort and usually finishes his bowl of kibble in no time flat! This squishy man will need a human who can measure his food out to keep him from overeating, but isn’t that a small price to pay for such a lover-boy?

If you’re interested in meeting either Ferrous or Waffles, they’ll be living at Lizzi & Rocco’s. so you can stop by to see them any time! You’ll LOVE them!

All of these guys are available for adoption through Columbia Second Chance. You can meet them at our adoption event with CSC this Saturday from 11-3!!


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