April showers are moving in!

April shower bring May flowers, but they also present serious anxiety for pets with thunder phobia. If you’re like us and have a pet who gets uncontrollably fearful during storms – there IS hope! With the help of some of these products, Rocco went from cowering in a corner of our closet to normal functioning during thunderstorms in no time. Check out some of our favorite products that we carry to help keep them calm when the severe weather moves in.

Lab wearing a Thundershirt-Our top pick: The Thundershirt – this wrap’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. Over 80% of animals see some kind of improvement when using the Thundershirt, but if they don’t – this awesome product comes with a satisfaction guarantee! This has been a lifesaver for stormaphobe Rocco!

Bach Rescue Remedy – these all-natural drops provide near-instant stress relief through their blend of calming flower essences during storms and other stressful situations. Just give them a few drops on a treat, and take the edge of storm-anxiety right off!

Comfort Zone – available in a plug-in diffuser or a spray, this product releases dog appeasing pheromones (also known as DAP – natural chemicals emitted by animals) that help your pet feel at ease when they’re anxious. It’s great for storm anxiety, but also works well for separation, travel, and general anxiety as well!

If you’re interested in learning some additional techniques for handling thunder phobia, check out this blog post by animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell, or stop in to chat with us!


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