Are all bully sticks created equal?

Bully sticks: a favorite chew among many dogs! Our foster Gus is a great durability tester, and so we though we’d put him to work comparing the two different brands of bully sticks we carry.

Gus is on the more extreme side of being an aggressive chewer, so while the general outcome of the comparison will likely be the same for your dog, the length of time the chew lasts may not be.

Option 1: Free Range Eco Naturals 12″ Bully stick

These are a great value, and come in at just over $5. They work great for most dogs. Gus? He had it in two pieces in under 2 minutes, and completely demolished in 6 minutes and 26 seconds.

Option 2: Bravo 12″ Bully stick

These are quite a bit pricier (just over $10) than the Free Range Eco Naturals, but are they worth it? We think so, because while he went through the first one in under 7 minutes, the Bravo bully stick lasted Gus a whopping 28 minutes and 48 seconds! That’s almost a half hour of sanity for his foster parents!

Moral of the story: if you have a light chewer, save yourself some money and go with the Free Range  Eco Naturals bullies. But if you have a  tough chewer like Gus, you may want to spend a little more for 4 times the chewing time with Bravo’s bully sticks!


One response to “Are all bully sticks created equal?

  1. The Bosties Kohler LOVE bully sticks, and I think we’ve sampled both now? They love them so much they get a little unnecessarily rough with eachother, and the cats, so these are supervised, time-restricted treats for now.

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