Busy October!

Sorry we’ve been quiet from the blog – October has been busy, busy, busy!

To catch you up on what’s been happening at L&R lately…

1. We celebrated our two year anniversary a couple of weeks ago! We can’t believe it’s been two years already, and are so very, very grateful for all of you and your support! We hope to spend many, many more years with all of you!

2. The L&R Halloween party happened the same weekend. As usual, it was SUCH a fun party, and between the photos and a raffle, we were able to raise over $500 for Columbia 2nd Chance and the Central Missouri Humane Society. For more pictures from the event, check out our Facebook page.

3. We celebrated one of our favorite days, Pit Bull Awareness Day, and our very own pittie’s 3rd Birthday on October 24!

4. We also celebrated a very special 8th Gotcha Day! On that crisp October day in 2003, we walked into the shelter to adopt a puppy, and instead walked out with an asthmatic 7 year old cat with hyperthyroid disease named Miles – and we are delighted we did so every day. We would encourage everyone to adopt a ‘senior’ pet at some point in time!

5. The introduction of Bully Brew – some SUPER cool new treats handmade in small batches from grains used in the brewing process of Broadway Brewery’s tasty beer! Available exclusively at L&R – pick up a 6 pack or case of bottle caps today! Mason (available for adoption through Dogs Deserve Better) sure does enjoy them!

So there’s our month in a nutshell – it’s been a whirlwind!


One response to “Busy October!

  1. Happy two years, and those Bully Brew treats sound amazing — we’ll have to get some the next time we’re in town. Till then — not a word to Cody and Riley. 🙂

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