July Specials at L&R

Bravo Balance Burgers – 15% off  Now is the time to try Bravo Raw Diet! With Bravo, your pet gets superior, clean, wholesome food – the kind of meats your companion carnivores need and love. Everyone in the L&R house LOVES Bravo!

Cat Pure Bites Treats – 15% off

These delectable, single ingredient, low-calorie treats are available in ocean fish, chicken breast, beef liver, and shrimp! They’re a top pick of all of our cats!


Mix & Match jarred cat toys – 15% off We have fuzzy mice, crinkle balls, and toys with so much catnip your kitty will flip! If they’re in a jar at the store, cat toys are 15% off this month when you buy 4 or more (excluding our Columbia Second Chance fundraising mice – we want CSC to make as much money as possible!)

Bottle Buddy dog toys – 15% off  Dogs can’t resist the crunch and crackle of water bottles. Plush covered Bottle Buddies use recycled and replaceable water bottles, so they’re cute AND good for the environment!


-Outward Hound Backpacks – 25% off  If you have an outdoorsy dog or just a pup that loves having a job, these are a must-have! Your dog can enjoy some exercise while carrying their own water, food, pick up bags, and more. Available in 3 sizes


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