Meet Ned

We’d like to introduce you to another new addition to the L&R family (yes, this is the second one this month…don’t expect that trend to continue!). This is Ned. He was actually a foster of ours when the shop first opened almost two years ago, and has now found his way back into our home.

His background is less than wonderful. When he was a young pup, he and two littermates were running loose in the country. Someone shot and killed the other two, but somehow Ned, quite literally, dodged a bullet. A kind witness to this awful situation caught Ned and took him to the Central Missouri Humane Society. A great friend of ours offered to foster him through Columbia Second Chance, and so he moved from CMHS into her home as a foster. Unfortunately while he was at the shelter, he contracted parvo. Thankfully, due to the dedication of his first foster home, he was able to pull through that often deadly disease. Add onto that an almost year-long battle with mange due to a compromised immune system (because of parvo) – the boy was a mess!

When his first foster home moved from Columbia a few months later, she asked if we could foster Ned until he was as adopted, and we were delighted to do so. He went on two trial adoptions that didn’t work out, then he was adopted, and has now found his way back into our family almost two years after he first came into it. We’ve fostered an awful lot of animals, but Ned has always held a special part of our heart unlike any other foster. For that reason, we think fate has brought him back to us, and who are we to argue with fate? We are delighted to announce that Ned is now officially a part of the Lizzi & Rocco’s family. Look at that dopey smile – can you blame us for loving him?


One response to “Meet Ned

  1. Somehow I missed all of this! I bet Emma is so happy to have her Ned back! He took some wrong turns, but totally found the best home EVER!!

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