Adventures in Fosterland

Meet one of our newest foster dogs, Lily. She and I had quite the adventure this week!

Lily came into Columbia Second Chance a little over a week ago, and needed a foster home – that’s where we came in. Oh, did I mention she was really, really pregnant? Yikes!

We knew Lily was due any day, and Monday was it! We set up a webcam so we could keep an eye on her while we were away at work. I checked in periodically, and she was nesting furiously that day. Around 3:15 I noticed she had what appeared to be a significant amount of blood on her face, so I knew it was time to book it home.

I arrived to one healthy little girl puppy, and her momma. It was obvious more were waiting to come out, but after over three and a half hours of waiting, pacing (for both of us), contractions, vet calls, rescue calls and freaking out over the lack of additional puppies, Lily, puppy #1 and I headed out to the vet for an emergency c-section.

The other three were born via c-section at around 10:00 p.m. It was a long, tiring day for everyone involved, but we’re here with 4 healthy puppies now. In the aftermath of this week’s excitement, Lily does have a message for you – please spay or neuter your pets. Not only was this process terribly nerve-wracking, but it can also get really unsafe and expensive – an after-hours c-section costs around $2K, and in a situation like Lily’s, if we had left her to her own devices, it could have risked her or the puppies lives.

Because of owners like Lily’s former ones, there are always puppies available for adoption through rescue groups like Columbia Second Chance. Take a look at to see the thousands of animals that are looking for a forever home if you’re in the market for a new pet. Saving a life always gets a thumbs up from us, and from Lily!

It would be rude not to include a picture of the puppies!

In other foster news, we’ve had 4 foster kitties at the store from the Central Missouri Humane Society.  The first, another Lilly, got ill with an upper respiratory infection, so she’s currently back at the shelter where the vets can monitor her. That was about a week ago, so she should be about over it and ready to be adopted! She’s super sweet – very laid back, and LOVES people.

Lilly Cat


Then there was adorable Tiki, who was adopted in just a couple of days. Crazy adorable, this ball of kitten awesomeness. She’s getting along swimmingly with the dogs in her new home.

Tiki Cat

At the store currently are Bentley and Princess – two adult females who couldn’t be more different. Bentley is very laid back – your stereotypical independent cat, and Princess is about as people-centered as they come. Depending on what you want in a cat, we’ve got the one for you at the store, waiting to find their forever homes.

Bentley - a whole lot of cat to love

Sweet, chatty, it's-hard-to-take-her-picture-because-she's-purring-in-your-face Princess

And the best news of all? After almost 8 months, our Dogs Deserve Better foster dog, Lacey, was adopted by an amazing family! She now has a four-legged AND a two-legged brother, and is adjusting great to her new home!

Never a dull moment in the L&R house!



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