March is National Nutrition Month

Food BowlIf you’ve ever talked to us about pet food, you know we’re passionate about providing the healthiest foods possible for your pets.  Then it makes sense that we LOVE that March is National Nutrition Month – what a perfect time to  celebrate and showcase all of our healthy pet foods and treats!

One thing many pet owners should do is take a minute to look at the list of ingredients in your dog or cat’s food.  Pictures of meats, whole grains, fruits and veggies on the packaging is fine, but are the actual ingredients in the food any good? Are you seeing a lot of by-products, unspecific sources (“meat meal”), or glutens?  Our website’s nutrition page is a great starting point to compare ingredients – we have a list of what wholesome ingredients you want to find listed in your pet’s food, as well as certain things you might want to avoid.

If you’re new to the idea of feeding all-natural foods, that’s okay! We all have to start somewhere! Come in and tell us a little about your pet, and we’re sure to find a food that will meet their nutritional needs in a price that fits your budget.

We have free samples available of many of our foods, and this month we’re offering some really great deals (especially if you’re a new food customer). Check out our specials tab for more information, and come by to see us soon! We want to make sure your pet is healthy and happy for years to come!


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