Tasty treats for top-notch teeth!

Sam's Yams Dog Chews - one of many chew options for optimal dental health!

Nice alliteration in the title, huh?!

While brushing is one of the best ways to maintain your pet’s dental health, there are a multitude of ways to complement brushing that are way easy for you and way tasty for your pet! Here are some of the products we recommend and carry:

Zuke’s Z Ridge Treats
Available in 3 different sizes, Z Ridges help battle bad breath and scrape away plaque in 2 delicious flavors. Free of wheat and corn, both flavors are packed with alfalfa concentrate, clove, nutmeg, parsley and fennel to naturally freshen breath, and are made with real potato for easy digestion.

Low in fat and free of wheat, corn, gluten, and soy, Terrabone is a healthy and safe dental bone made with peppermint and parsley for fresh breath. Terrabone contains no animal by-products and is always made in the USA. Terrabone is designed to crumble safely for easy digestion and the natural chicken it’s made with makes it irresistibly yummy.

Sam’s Yams Veggie Rawhide
Veggie Rawhide is an excellent chew for dogs of all sizes. Made of whole thick slabs of USA grown sweet potatoes, these chews have a hard, patent pending surface that’s excellent for dental health and a chew-ability that dogs love. And since it’s made of sweet potatoes, it’s tasty and highly digestible too.

Dogswell & Catswell Breathies
Made with cage-free chicken breast, mint, and parsley, Breathies are a tasty way to help stave off bad breath for both your dog and your cat. Made without by-products or artificial fillers, Breathies will keep your pet’s taste buds satisfied and their breath minty fresh.

Pet Greens Crunchy Treats
Available in 3 tempting flavors, Pet Greens Crunchy Treats help your kitty fight plaque and tartar build up. All natural and grain-free, Pet Greens are also loaded with the nutritional benefits of wheat grass, giving your kitty a dose of antioxidants and fiber as well as putting them on the right track for dental health.

You  may notice a very popular dental chew is missing from our list. Stay tuned to our next blog post to find out why…


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