Our best recommendation for great teeth – RAW!

Raw bones: preferred method of dental cleaning of any size pets!

It’s a subject many are new to, but one of our absolute favorite recommendations for great dental hygiene is gearing back to our pet’s natural instincts – raw meaty bones!

The best way to get or keep your pet’s teeth nice and clean is by letting them do what nature intended by feeding your pet raw (uncooked) bones!  The cleaning action they get by crunching on a yummy bone is second to none. The bone itself helps to gently scrape off any plaque build-up on the teeth, while the tendons in the attached muscle meat and connective tissue acts as a natural flossing agent to get any trapped food or treat particles. Plus, most dogs and cats enjoy nomming on a tasty bone way more than sitting politely while you fuss with brushing their teeth! What better – dental care that’s easy for BOTH of you?!

So let’s answer some common questions about raw bones:

1. Are you crazy? Don’t you know that bones are unsafe?!

You’re half-right there. Cooked bones should be avoided, as the cooking process changes the bones’ structure making them much more likely to splinter and less digestible. Raw bones, on the other hand, are softer, more pliable, break down quite easily in the digestive tract, and are completely safe.

Some are concerned with choking, but we always recommend that your pet be monitored while chewing, and we suggest giving bones large enough to encourage proper chewing behaviors.

2. Okay, what about bacteria? Isn’t this just asking for salmonella or e. coli poisoning?

Bacteria is everywhere. Heck, you’ve probably seen us post once or twice about how several dried kibbles and treats have been recalled recently due to possible salmonella contamination. We firmly believe that raw food/bones are safe and won’t pose a bacterial risk to you, your pet or your family as long as you buy bones produced with safe practices and handle it with care. Use common sense when feeding a raw bone – feed in a crate, outside, or on a washable towel or blanket (if your pet will be good and stay in one place), and wash everything thoroughly when they’re done chewing.

3. So, what kind of bones should I give?

At the store we sell Primal Raw Chicken necks, chicken backs, Bravo! raw beef knuckle bones, and more, so there are a variety of bones depending on the size of your pet. If you’re unsure, we’re happy to give you a recommendation that your dog or cat is sure to love! In our house, Lizzi, Rocco and the cats love chicken necks, while Emma is fond of the knuckle bones. And if you have any other questions or concerns with raw feeding, don’t hesitate to ask!


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